A Unique Financial Vehicle

The cybersecurity landscape has become highly fragmented. SCVX (NYSE: SCVX) is a cybersecurity-focused Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC), an investment vehicle that provides an alternative path to IPO, led by a team of industry experts. SCVX was created to fill what we believe is a tremendous void in the cybersecurity market for a scalable, comprehensive, integrated platform. We intend to acquire, partner with, and resource a cornerstone cybersecurity company capable of integrating with other best-in-breed security technologies.


Hank Thomas


Chris Ahern




Schneck Last


Abbie Ginis


Executive Team & Board of Directors

Mike Doniger
SCVX CEO & Chairman of the Board

Hank Thomas
SCVX CTO & Board Director

Chris Ahern

Sen. Dan Coats
Former Director of National Intelligence & SCVX Board Member

Jeff Lunglhofer
Chief Information Security Officer at BNY Mellon & SCVX Board Member

Vivian Schneck-Last
Former Managing Director at Goldman Sachs & SCVX Board Member

Sounil Yu
Former Chief Security Scientist at Bank of America & SCVX Board Member

Abbie Ginis
SCVX Marketing & Operations Associate


SCVX Launched with $230M IPO, Eyes Cybersecurity Acquisition


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New Public Company SCVX Formed to Acquire Cybersecurity Firms

Security Week

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SCVX Stages $200 Million IPO to Acquire Cybersecurity Firms


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What is a SPAC? 

A Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) is a publicly traded company that raises a blind pool capital through an initial public offering (IPO) for the purpose of acquiring a company.

What are the typical benefits of a SPAC?

  • Structural flexibility – a SPAC allows for a flexible transaction that provides different outcomes for different stakeholders (management, employees, previous investors, new investors, etc.)
  • Rapid execution – the upfront burden of disclosure and fundraising is placed on the SPAC itself, as opposed to the target company. However, the disclosure requirements, once public, are the same as a traditional IPO.
  • Immediate liquidity – can deliver meaningful cash proceeds to those that choose to sell, working capital to grow business, and a liquid stock currency to pursue accretive M&A.
  • Managerial expertise and/or strategic partner – SPACs provide affiliation with a leading operator and/or financial sponsor.

What else should I know about SPACs?

SPACs have increased significantly in popularity and are becoming a viable alternative to a traditional IPO for many blue-chip companies. The improved reputation of SPACs have led to the involvement of top tier financial partners such as Hudson Bay Capital, Blackstone, Apollo, bulge bracket investment banks such as Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, Fortune 500 CEOs as SPAC managers and board directors, and top law and CPA firms. 

Is my company a good acquisition target for a SPAC?

If your company is privately-held, experiencing high growth and revenue, has a unique core technology, and has significant traction with commercial customers, then it might be a strong target for acquisition by SCVX.

How do I get in contact?

Reach out via the Contact Info at the bottom of our website, or feel free to reach out directly.

Board of Director Committees/ Corporate Governance Documents

Audit Committee:

Vivian Schneck-Last (Chairperson), Jeff Lunglhofer, Sounil Yu


Compensation Committee

Sounil Yu (Chairperson), Jeff Lunglhofer, Vivian Schneck-Last


Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee

Jeff Lunglhofer (Chairperson), Senator Dan Coats, Vivian Schneck-Last


Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

Link to Corporate Governance Guidelines

Contact Us

For Media inquiries please contact Abbie Ginis:
[email protected]
(202) 681-8461